Music and Reading Continues

Book: Free Soul and Love my Life by Yamaji Ebine. Music: I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry. I found both the song and the comics probably the same day. I thought it was ironic considering the topic of the books and the song. The two manga titles are shoujo-ai, or girls love, dealing with female / female relationships; Book: The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt. Music: You and I by Park Bom. I am kinda confused how these two came together, the song and book aren't exactly fitting for each other, but hey. They both are about love so they do have something in common even if it isn't the tone. Book: Bitter Angels by CL Anderson. Music: White Horse by Sarah McLeod. Well... I didn't actually finish the book, but I did spend enough time staring at it. I thought the song and the book went together particularly well. Plus I kind hone in on key words such as "course," "mystery" and so on. So I sorta got the space mission vibe... I guess. Book: Allegra Fairweather: Paranormal Investigator by Janni Nell. Music: Cloud 9 by Hwayobi; This combo involves another funny coinkidink (the other being the shoujo-ai and Katy Perry's song). I was listening to this song before I started the book, and then all of a sudden this book starts bring up their own "Cloud 9" where the heroine says her guardian angel lives. So it it is the name in this case that cemented the two in my mind. Those are the ones I remember right now. I am sure there are more... Anyway, yay this was fun.

Music and Reading

I've been thinking how much I love music and how much I love reading. Sometimes the two kinda bump into each other. And a song somehow becomes attached to a book. I am the type that once I find a song I like it I have to listen to it repeatedly, so I easily can listen to the same song all while I read one book. I notice that sometimes the book comes out the winner and I remember that more clearly than the song I had playing on repeat in the background, and sometimes it is the flip-side. I kinda wanted to make a short little list of the book and song pairings. Book: Fruits Basket; Music: Above the Clouds by Kavin Hoo. It was in July, my mums B-Day, and hot as hell. I had the CD playing in the background as I was introduced to one of my favorite manga series ever; Book: Desire by Yukine Honami; Music: Kids with Guns by Gorillaz. I thought the tone of the song went well with the tone of the book, the chorus. With this I was using my CD player with earbuds. I am trying to recall if I manually had to "repeat" the song.

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