Music and Reading

I've been thinking how much I love music and how much I love reading. Sometimes the two kinda bump into each other. And a song somehow becomes attached to a book. I am the type that once I find a song I like it I have to listen to it repeatedly, so I easily can listen to the same song all while I read one book. I notice that sometimes the book comes out the winner and I remember that more clearly than the song I had playing on repeat in the background, and sometimes it is the flip-side. I kinda wanted to make a short little list of the book and song pairings. Book: Fruits Basket; Music: Above the Clouds by Kavin Hoo. It was in July, my mums B-Day, and hot as hell. I had the CD playing in the background as I was introduced to one of my favorite manga series ever; Book: Desire by Yukine Honami; Music: Kids with Guns by Gorillaz. I thought the tone of the song went well with the tone of the book, the chorus. With this I was using my CD player with earbuds. I am trying to recall if I manually had to "repeat" the song.

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