Kitchen Cabinets

I'm so thankful to finally be in a home where I enjoy my kitchen cabinets. They're white, and for me that's just perfect, but, for years in our past two houses (and as I've talked about before) I was dying to have a new look than the outdated oak that we had. The amazing thing is there are so many options now! You can completely re-do your entire kitchen, you can "reface" them (where you keep your existing cabinets and change out the doors) and there is painting. Today I thought since I'm all about photo inspiration, I'd share some kitchens that I found online. Hopefully if you've been stuck in a kitchen cabinet rut like I have been so many times, that you'll find your own kitchen cabinet inspiration. I love the look of bi-color cabinets, I think it's a great way to incorporate two different style (maybe of light and dark, shades of neutral, or a punch of color). I'm also always going to love a white kitchen. Simply because to change the style, you change the accessories. Everything matches white. I adore the warmth and sophistication that dark cabinets bring. Options are endless!

On the Road Again

Yesterday was rose garden day. As is the custom in Oregon there was light rain off and on, but not enough to spoil our trip, so off we went. As expected our guests were quite impressed with the roses flowers. They have over one hundred tea rose bushes themselves and she was very knowledgeable about roses. She walked a lot more than she would have thought possible. I suppose her level of excitement allowed her to forget about her pain and discomfort. She wrote names in a notebook while he did camera duty. Most of the full blossoms were at least seven inches in diameter. I carried the tape measure to add to the photos proving the sizes. We bought sausage dogs at a stand in the gardens and sat outside to eat them. I thought she might wilt but she mustered the strength to march on to the gift shop.

Roses flowers

Fun & Exciting Curiosity

Have you met Curiosity? Let me introduce you. Curiosity is the Mars rover than landed on the surface of Mars around midnight last night. It's official, she is a girl and will be referred to in the feminine. I didn't get to bed until the wee hours of the morning because her landing was so exciting. It was a nail biting performance all the way. I am not a fan of Mars and have never understood the world's passion to put humans on Mars. I am, however, a total fan of the science we receive from space exploration. I'm also a fan of the amazing technology and engineering that goes into making these space exploration missions a success. I'm also a fan of the social media that's available for us to keep up with these missions on a moment to moment basis. In the early days of space exploration we didn't have that and it makes a big of difference. I feel like I know Curiosity on a personal basis.  Isn't she cute? Go NASA go!