Kitchen Cabinets

I'm so thankful to finally be in a home where I enjoy my kitchen cabinets. They're white, and for me that's just perfect, but, for years in our past two houses (and as I've talked about before) I was dying to have a new look than the outdated oak that we had. The amazing thing is there are so many options now! You can completely re-do your entire kitchen, you can "reface" them (where you keep your existing cabinets and change out the doors) and there is painting. Today I thought since I'm all about photo inspiration, I'd share some kitchens that I found online. Hopefully if you've been stuck in a kitchen cabinet rut like I have been so many times, that you'll find your own kitchen cabinet inspiration. I love the look of bi-color cabinets, I think it's a great way to incorporate two different style (maybe of light and dark, shades of neutral, or a punch of color). I'm also always going to love a white kitchen. Simply because to change the style, you change the accessories. Everything matches white. I adore the warmth and sophistication that dark cabinets bring. Options are endless!

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