Another coat Purchased

You have all been with me along my "oh so awful I cannot find a winter coat" journey. I ordered one from House of Fraser. It arrived. It was awful. I ordered one from ASOS. It arrived. It was nice. From Danish brand Minimum (a brand I really like), it was a simple charcoal duffle. But I feel like a slob when I wear it during the week. I need something that goes the extra: looks stylish, keeps me warm and maybe is in a colour that lifts rather than drains? I almost bought a navy Burberry mac, and although that remains on my wish list (as I think navy is a fabulous colour) I plumped for this coat in Zara. Cue shaky shot of me wearing said coat today as I was heading out! It's funny because I tried this right at the beginning of the winter season. Then I saw some semi-famous people wear it in the newspapers and I liked the way it looked when worn smart or casual. I guess you would describe it as a swing coat. There is a retro feel to it. The buttons are covered in dark brown leather and I think camel looks lux... even if it cost just $99. I am happy and I am cosy. Win, win! Finally, the quest it over... well until next year!

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